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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most efficient and quick method. The goal of the treatment is improvement, not perfection. The quantity of hair that will disappear will depend on your tolerance to pain ( which affects the energy level used when treating you), hair color, region to be treated and hormonal influence. The average loss of hair is 80 % - 100%. A residue of hair may therefore remain at the end of treatment. Hopefully, residual hair is 30% - 50% lighter and thinner. Studies performed on Hair removal Lasers show that disappeared hair will not grow in the future.

Efficiency and Risks

Following the treatment, a low percentage of people may show temporary problems of pigmentation on the following treated area (cases of hyperpigmentation are more frequent and skin returns to normal after a few weeks, or hypopigmentation, which is rare and can persist for a few months). All these effects are temporary. No permanent effect has been found so far, after millions of treatments have been done.

Pre-Treatment Advice

   Laser hair Removal is the most efficient & quick method. The goal of your treatment is improvement not perfection. The quantity of hair that will disappear depends upon your tolerance to pain, hair color, region to be treated and hormonal influence. A vellus (light and fuzzy hair) will remain at the end of your treatment which is typically 30% to 50% lighter and thinner.

Beautiful Legs

Hair Removal Methods

• During the preceding of your treatment it is important not to use hair removal cream, bleaching ingredients, wax, electrolysis, tweezers or other hair extractors on the area to be treated.
• Only shaving with a manual or electric razor is allowed and can be done as often as desired.

Hair Removal

• Before you start the hair removal session, you have to shave very closely with a razor (except on the face) or we will do it for you for a $25.00 charge each time.


• Avoid wearing dark underwear to your treatment session if you remove hair on these areas: bikini, thighs, lower stomach or back.

Sun and Tanning

• Laser Hair Removal works efficiently on tanned skin. However, maximum efficiency of the treatment is obtained by avoiding tanning and/or sun exposure (for the area to be treated) a month before starting the treatment. Avoid sun exposure during the whole treatment period for the best results.
• We also suggest that you do not use a self-tanning cream during the treatment period.
• A sunscreen with at least SPF 30 can be applied on the concerned area

Ingrown Hairs

• It is important to exfoliate and extract ingrown hairs after laser hair removal so that it does not become infected and can become abscessed.

Products to Avoid

• Avoid Chemical peels and any laser treatments 3 weeks before and after your laser hair removal appointment.
• For your safety please avoid- Hydroxy, Beta Hydroxyl Products (BHA/AHA), Hydroquinone, Renol and Retinoid products, Tazorac and Differin.
• If you have used Accutane in the past 6 months you can NOT get laser hair removal because of the risk of buring the skin. This product makes your skin sensitive to heat.
• Avoid getting Botox or Dermal Fillers one month before and after your treatment.
• Several antibiotics such as Teracyclines, Doxycylines and amoxicillin augmentin can potentially make your skin sensitive to heat and pose the risk of superficial burns and/or blisters. Please check with your physician for any long term antibiotics before your treatment. If you become sick and must take an antibiotic- you must be off this antibiotic for 2 weeks before a treatment can be performed.


• If you feel pain during the treatment, you may use an anesthetic cream called EMLA (to be applied 2 hours before the treatment). After applying the cream, you will have to cover it with plastic to be kept on until immediately before your session starts. Rachelle Stokes: 720-838-9075