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Hair Removal Services

Here at Hair to Bare South in Centennial, Colorado, we are dedicated to providing beauty services that meet your specific needs. Our primary service is laser hair removal, but all of our treatments are delivered with the same care and attention to detail. Hair to Bare South is here for you with techniques much more effective than waxing or electrolysis.

Flawless Underarm

Laser Hair Removal Services

Small Areas $40.00 per Treatment

Bikini Line | Cheek | Chin | Feet | Hands | Lip | Nose | Sideburns | Stomach Line | Underarms | Toes

Medium Areas $50.00 per Treatment

Back of Neck | Front of Neck | Buttocks | Full Face | Lower Arms | Forearms | Inner Thighs | Shoulders | Upper Arms | Full Bikini

Large Areas $75.00 per Treatment

Abdominal | Brazilian | Upper Chest | Full Arms | Full Face and Neck | Lower Legs | Upper Legs | Lower Back | Upper Back | Lower Chest

Extra-Large Areas - $125.00 per Treatment

Full Legs | Full Back | Full Chest

Most areas take 8 to 14 treatments over several months for satisfactory results.

All About Laser Hair Removal

Laser light converts to heat as it passes through the skin. Then heat is absorbed by your hair's dark pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle. Your hair grows in three stages. Here is what happens in each stage. Anagen Stage (growing)- heat is absorbed by this hair, damages this hair and in 2-3 weeks this hair exfoliates outside of your body and does not return. Catagen Stage (transitional stage) and Telogen Stage (Resting Stage)- heat is absorbed into these hairs and becomes thinner and grows tremendously slower. But, these hairs WILL return because you can only kill the hair in its anagen stage (growing stage). This is why you need multiple treatments. After we have got rid of the dark coarse hairs your body may naturally re-create a vellus hair (light and fuzzy). These hairs are not removed with laser hair removal because the hair has no pigment.

The quantity of hair that will disappear will depend on the client’s skin type, hair color, hair thickness, region to be treated, energy level or tolerance to pain, and hormonal level. The treatment plan requires more than onetreatment and may produce permanent hair removal. A residue of hair may remain at the end of the treatment. Residual hair is typically 50% lighter and thinner. The total number of treatments will vary between individuals. On occasion, there are clients that do not respond to treatments. The treated hair should exfoliate or push out in approximately 2-3 weeks.